Allegedly forged excuses bring charges in Reynoldsville

Two Reynoldsville residents are facing charges for allegedly forging a name on doctor’s excuses for their children who attend the C.G. Johnson Elementary School.

According to the affidavit filed with District Magistrate David Inzana, Reynoldsville Borough Police Chief Troy Bell was called to the school on March 4 where he met with school officials and Truancy Officer Kiley Smith. They presented Chief Bell with what they believed to be forged excuses.

The excuses for the children have dates from December of last year to several more dates for this school year.

Chief Bell contacted Penn Highlands DuBois Q-Care and found out the last legitimate excuse issued for one child was in October of 2017 and May of 2018 for the other child.

Based upon the investigation and subsequent interviews with the accused, charges were filed with District Magistrate Inzana’s office on March 19. They include forgery and tampering with records.

Reynlownews will not identify the accused to avoid identifying the children involved.

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