Code enforcement dominates council meeting

Code enforcement dominated the Reynoldsville Borough Council meeting held on February 3 at the borough building.

Homeowner Virginia Sprague addressed council about the problems at her house on Worth Street. She acknowledged that there were problems and that she was trying to address those problems.

“I’m trying to have a plan,” she said.

Council member Nichole Walk, who visited the house, said her husband could complete a temporary fix to one area of the home, but that the problems needed to be addressed in the spring. Sprague agreed.

John Chesnalavich, who lives in the same area, address council about problems with his neighbor’s outdoor furnace located in a shed.

“I’m tired of smelling smoke in my house,” he said.

Council was informed that the smokestack meets the borough’s code, but council president William Cebulskie said there should be more investigation into the matter to see if all the requirements are being met.

Chesnalavich said he planned to contact the Department of Environmental Protection about the issue. He also said he’s considering possible legal action.

In a surprise announcement, Cebulskie read a resignation letter from current Code Enforcement Officer Larry Kirkwood who said he intended to resign from all borough employment after the last code enforcement hearing, possibly later this month.

Kirkwood was a topic of discussion at the January 21 council meeting where some members complained about what they perceived to be a lack of code enforcement. A letter was sent requiring Kirkwood’s presence at the February meeting, which he attended.

Cebulskie read a portion of letter, including a part where Kirkwood alleged code enforcement letters had been sent out without his knowledge.

Council member Darren Scolese commented, “I wish you wouldn’t do it, it is what it is. I wish you good luck.”

Action on the resignation was postponed until the regular council meeting slated for February 17.

Water authority

The council approved the resignation of Reynoldsville Water and Sewer Authority board member Tom Ferko, and thanked Ferko for his years of service to the authority.

Council president Cebulskie recommended Mike Beck be named to the authority board to fill out Ferko’s term which ends in 2023. He also said Beck worked for the authority for twenty years and has the necessary certifications. His motion was approved.

The council then went into an executive session “for the purpose of discussing legal and personnel matters.” No action was taken after that session.

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