Council learns that the pool will open and that the Snyder-d’Argy Funeral Home is moving forward

Jacob d’Argy (seated) and Jack Matusky

Contrary to the rumors, the Reynoldsville Pool will be open as usual this summer. So said Reynoldsville Recreation Commission (RRC) representative Jack Matusky at the January 14 meeting of the Reynoldsville Borough Council.

“It’s going to open, [and] we’ll get through,” he said. “We need to update the pool. It’s 53 years old,” he added.

The RRC has raised around $10,000 but needs close to $200,000 for all the repairs that are needed. The commission applied for a grant last year but was denied. The group is applying again this year and plans to have it submitted in February.

In his remarks, Matusky read a list of the members of the RRC and how long each person has been a member. He also thanked the borough crew and the Reynoldsville Water Authority for their help over the years.

Later in the meeting, Council member John Burkett was appointed to the commission.

Snyder-d’Argy Funeral Home moving forward

 Jacob d’Argy of Brookville, owner of the Snyder-d’Argy Funeral Home in Reynoldsville, introduced himself to the new council and explained how he took over the funeral home from long-time owner and resident Bernie Snyder, and how he is committed to the community.

While speaking of their friendship, d’Argy talked about how after Snyder passed away last January 11, he had a difficult time deciding on if he was going stay involved with funeral home without him.

“Coming into that anniversary (of Snyder’s death), I decided that, you know what, I need to honor this man and what he did for the community,” d’Argy said. He offered what help he could provide and said he plans to continue the free movie at the Red. White and Blueberry Festival in July.

Some minor renovations have begun at the funeral home, he said, with plans for more in the future.

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