DuBois Central Catholic will open full time with full in-person instruction

The DuBois Central Catholic school family is set to begin the 2020-2021 school year, with in person instruction, five days a week starting Monday, August 24.

President Gretchen Caruso stated, “DCC is clearly aware of the recommendations that the Governor and Department of Education has created, but we feel that our Return to School Plan has us ready to meet the needs of our students, faculty and staff. The DCC Back to School Plan has been voted and approved by our Board of Directors and has been fully discussed and accepted by our families, therefore our desire is to continue with this plan moving forward.”

DCC families are also offered the option of keeping their children at home, to learn online, in real time through the school’s newly acquired Canvas System, used by many colleges. Students will have the ability to participate in class, from wherever they may be, just as if they were in the building. If DCC has to move to their Hybrid model for learning in the future, each family would be notified what days their child/children would come to school. All students from the same family/household would be kept together. The DCC model would be Monday/Tuesday and Thursday/Friday with different groups of students in the building. Wednesday would be left open as a day for deep cleaning. DCC believes this model will make it easier for their families when planning work and child care schedules.

Upon return, students will notice several staffing changes. Due to retirements, DCC said farewell to first grade teachers, Brenda Aravich and Barb Dettore, Joseph Lesnick, Librarian & Elementary Music teacher and Diane Himes, MS/HS Administrative Assistant.

Brenda Aravich, began her career at St. Catherine of Siena School as a Kindergarten teacher for two years and then moved up to become a First -Grade instructor for 28 years for a total of 30 years of service. Her position has been filled by DCC Elementary Technology instructor, Nicole Finalle.

First-grade faculty member, of 29 years, Barb Dettore also began her teaching career at St. Catherine of Siena School. Her position will be filled by her daughter, Jennifer Pisarcik, a DCC alum and Second-Grade faculty member. Pisarcik’s position has been filled by Kassandra Loudon, DuBois. Loudon previously taught at St. Leo Catholic School, Ridgway.

Joseph Lesnick was employed by St. Catherine of Sienna School for two years and then DCC for 10 years as Elementary Music Instructor and Head Elementary Librarian. His position of Elementary Music Instructor will be fulfilled by Nikki Forsythe. Forsythe will also continue her role as Elementary Art Instructor. Elaine Jacob, DuBois, part time Elementary Library Assistant will fulfill the position of Head Elementary Librarian. Angela LaBenne, DuBois, has accepted the part time position of Elementary Library Assistant.

Middle/High School Administrative Assistant, Diane Himes, retired after seven years of service. Himes position has been filled by Kristi Oakes, Falls Creek.

Nicole Finalle, Elementary Technology Instructor’s position will be filled by Kathryn Ellenberger, DCC Alum.

Elementary Enrichment Instructor, Chris Felix, Reynoldsville, will now be conducting small group math classes for fourth and fifth grade students and has been added to the middle school faculty, as a part time 6th grade Math and Science instructor.

Alena Park, high school Pre-Calculus, SAT Math, Trig Stats/Trig Stats Honors, and Algebra II Honors has relocated. Her position has been filled by Max Hrinya, Brockway who is returning to DCC after covering for Park during her maternity leave.

Molly Kelsey, DuBois has joined the DCC staff to teach Finance in the high school.

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