Major water leak in the Soldier system being investigated in Winslow Township

Socially distanced around the table, the Winslow Township Supervisors held their regular monthly meeting on May 11.

One major items of discussion was the water bill for the Soldier Sewer and Water System, which totaled over $7,000. It normally runs between $1200-$1400. The water usage, according to township secretary Mary Greeley, was 1.2 million gallons while the sewer usage was far less than that at 72,900 gallons.

The discussion that followed centered on where the leak might be. The township checked with users and walked the line to look for obvious leaks but couldn’t find any. There is some suspicion that the leak may be in the area of the Soldier Community Church construction, since the line there was damaged at one time, but the supervisors aren’t sure. The Pennsylvania Rural Water Association has been contacted to come help find the exact location. The township is a member of that organization.

In other action, the supervisors approved a letter of support from the township for the Reynoldsville Pool in its efforts to obtain grant monies for repairs at the pool.

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