Maybe no police regionalization without Sykesville

In January, the Reynoldsville Borough Council discussed the possibility of regionalizing its police department with Sykesville. That, however, may not be possible.

At the February council meeting, Council President Bill Cebulskie stated that the Sykesville Borough Council was looking into the possibility of abolishing its police force. Sykesville plans a meeting on March 16 at the Town Hall to discuss a proposed ordinance to eliminate its police department and rely on the State Police.

During the discussion about the Reynoldsville Police Department at the February meeting, some residents voiced concern about the State Police being stretched too thin resulting in lengthy response times. Those same concerns are being expressed about relying on the State Police in Sykesville.

Without a Sykesville Police Department, the idea of regionalizing becomes difficult since Sandy Township, Punxsutawney, and Brookville are the nearest municipalities with police departments, and the greater distances would be a problem.

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