Meet the new owners of Our Hometown Restaurant in Reynoldsville

Brian and Anna Miller

Our Hometown Restaurant in Reynoldsville will close for the final time Saturday night, March 16.  However, it will reopen ten days later under new ownership.

Current owners Laurie and Don Maicki announced on Facebook last week that after more than a decade it was time to try something new.

“It’s been a great ride for 13 years,” Laurie Maicki wrote in her post. She also wrote, “I am so excited for the new owners.”

The new owners are Anna and Brian Miller who live in Winslow Township near Reynoldsville.

Anna Miller is no stranger to the restaurant business. She is the daughter of Fino and Flora Genevro who owned Genevro’s Restaurant in Crenshaw near Brockway when she was young.

“I’ve worked in restaurants all my life,” she said.

Brian Miller is a cook at restaurant in DuBois, and he will be doing the cooking at Annie’s Hometown restaurant, which is what the new eatery will be called.

When asked, the Miller’s said they don’t plan to make too many changes right away. Three current employees will stay on under the new ownership.

“We’re keeping the menu, the hours, everything the same. We want to be comfortable, the employees want to be comfortable, and the customers are already happy,” Anna Miller said.

Laurie Maicki has been guiding them through the process. Both Millers said, “she’s been wonderful…they (Don and Laurie Maicki) have been making it very easy for us.”

One of the nostalgic elements of the restaurant are the many historical pictures of Reynoldsville that cover the walls. Those pictures will be returned to the Reynoldsville Historical Society.

“We’ll be adding our own touches,” Anna Miller said.

During the changeover process, the new owners want customer feedback to help them decide what to keep and, eventually, what to try.

“We want to make people happy,” Anna Miller said.

Annie’s Hometown restaurant will open March 26 at 8 a.m.

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