Nothing can be done about “vulgar” political banners In Reynoldsville

What to do about “vulgar” political banners was a topic of discussion at the Reynoldsville Borough Council meeting on August 17.

In her report, Code Enforcement Officer Nichole Walk, who is also a member of council, said she’s received several complaints about the banners. She reported that, with school starting soon, parents are upset about the banners and wish their children did not have to look at them. It was noted that some of the banners are seen along routes to the CG Johnson Elementary School.

Residents who attended the meeting also voiced their displeasure over the signs, but Borough Solicitor Joe Ryan said that nothing could be done about them.

“That’s protected speech under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution,” he told Reynlow Community News. “It’s unfortunate, because it is inappropriate—some of them are outright vulgar—but everybody has the right to the freedom of speech.”

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