Reynoldsville council member calls for a meeting to decide what to do about the proposed unfair labor practice ruling

Reynlow Community News (RCN) has received a response to today’s news that the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board has proposed a ruling that calls for the reinstatement of Officer Tammy Murray to the Reynoldsville Police Department (read that story here).

In a text response to an RCN inquiry, Council President William Cebulskie said he had no comment until he’s spoken with the borough’s labor attorney. However, council member Ralph “Tucker” August contacted RCN and said he feels it’s not up to the attorney. He said that a council meeting should be called to decide what to do–to appeal the proposed ruling or reinstate Officer Murray.

“It’s not anybody else’s decision but council’s,” he said

The proposed order, dated August 13, gave the council twenty days to appeal the ruling. It wasn’t clear when that twenty days would begin.

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