Union expresses opposition to Reynoldsville Borough’s move to hire police chief

The union representing the police department in Reynoldsville Borough has released a letter it recently sent to borough officials about the council’s move to seek a police chief.

The letter, from Teamsters Local #110 representative Richard Keller, states in very strong terms the union’s opposition to the plan and the contention it violates the current contract agreement with former officer Tammy Murray. (The Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board recently issued a proposed ruling in favor of the union on an unfair labor practice filing on behalf of Murray. To read that story click here.)

In the letter, the union states that the position of police chief is a “bargaining unit position” and “the borough cannot lawfully change that position” without bargaining with the union.

To read the complete letter, click on the link below.

Reynoldsville Boro. Mayor letter 08-20-21

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