Reynoldsville Pool asks for additional borough council help

Marilyn Hoare

The Reynoldsville Pool will need additional help from borough council it was learned at the council’s November 16 meeting.

Marilyn Hoare, representing the Reynoldsville Recreation Committee (RRC) which operates the pool, attended the meeting and provided the council with the latest financial report for the pool’s operating expenses and income. The borough owns the pool, but the pool is self-sufficient under the guidance of the RRC.

There were two specific items Hoare asked the council to do. One was to get a person from the borough maintenance department to learn how to open and close the pool in case those who are doing it now are unable to do so. She said it has been difficult getting younger volunteers to join the RRC.

She also asked the council to increase the borough’s allotment to the pool. Last year, $5,000 was provided, but Hoare asked for one to two thousand more, mentioning the need to replace the toilets at the facility.

Getting additional grant monies has proven to be difficult, so the RRC is looking at additional fundraising events to help offset other costs. She said public support has been good.

“We’re very fortunate. People in this town have given to the pool,” she said.

The pool underwent a $330,000 renovation project in the spring of this year, with half of that amount coming from a grant. The RRC is trying to get additional funds to pay for Phase 2 of that project next spring.

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