Reynoldsville Veterans Park receives $30,000 donation

(Front row L-R); Henry Deible, Mary Deible, Veterans Committee President Dan Edwards, William Cebulskie, Milly O’Bryon., Dr. James O’Bryon. (Back row L-R): Janine Wolverton, American Legion #392 Commander, borough council member Ralph August, Retta Cebulskie, Gary Hanst. Missing from this photo Francis Caltagarone.

On April 14, the Reynoldsville Veterans Memorial received a big boost from the members of the Cebulskie Family for the construction of a new amphitheater.

The family donated $30,000 for the construction of the Cebulskie StarLite Stage. The stage, which is now under construction, will be located at the back of the lot.

Henry Deible provided this is explanation as to why the family gave the money for the amphitheater:

[The donation] was for Tony and Janet Cebulskie and their son Eddie. Tony was a strong and dynamic advocate for the Reynoldsville community as well as our independent school. He was on the original RAID board as well as the Reynoldsville Businessman’s Association and a founding member of the Homecoming Committee. Tony, Bill Wescoat (owner of the Star newspaper) and others fought valiantly against the Reynoldsville Schools becoming a part of the DuBois system. He was a thinking man and a leader of that effort.

Janet was a naturally talented singer who’s voice was well know throughout the local communities. She sang and had leading rolls in many of the United Way shows of the 60’s and 70’s. Charlie Moore of radio fame would always praise Janet and promote her dazzling singing. In other circumstances, he believed that she had the voice to carry her beyond the local area. Her voice was captivating and she was capable of garnering the attention of audiences and everyone around her. It was an almost effortless talent that turned heads.

Eddie, their son, was a sweet young man whose heart was filled with love.
Eddie was very patriotic and was often seen on stage with Janet for Memorial Day ceremonies, sometimes leading the attendees in the pledge of allegiance while holding or saluting our flag.

The term family can be very much applied to the Cebulskie family. The love and devotion to one another as well as to their community was well known. From my standpoint, it was a wonderful privilege to know them and to become a part of their family.

Tony taught me and others the importance of being involved within our community and, beyond words, his actions spoke of that commitment.

I could go on for all of them, but I think I have provided you with a taste of why we are inspired and honored to be able to dedicate this stage to Janet, Tony, and Eddie.

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