Unknown substance spill keeps CG students inside

Students at the C.G. Johnson Elementary School were kept inside today(Nov. 26) as a precaution due to what appeared to be a mercury spill on the Worth Street sidewalk. The area was marked with cones and a Hazmat team was called in to clean it up. The district made the following announcement earlier today on its Skyward alert system.

“Jefferson County Department of Emergency Management is on site at CG Johnson Elementary School in Reynoldsville. Precautions are being taken regarding¬†a substance found on a public sidewalk near the school. Site security and clean up are underway. Jefferson County EMS will continue to work closely with the School District, Reynoldsville Fire Department and Reynoldsville Police to keep this substance isolated and to keep everyone safe. As an additional precaution, all students will stay inside for recess. The Ark of Learning after school program will continue as scheduled.”

Below is a picture of the spill and an enlarged view of the substance.

The cone marks one of the spots of the spill.
An enlarged version of the spill. Tiny droplets of what appears to be mercury rest on the cement.

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