Winslow Township adopts 2021 no-tax increase budget

Winslow Township residents will not see a tax increase from the township in 2021.

At a special meeting on December 30, the township supervisors approved their 2021 budget totaling a little more than 834-thousand dollars, which holds the line on taxes. The expenses are expected to be around 762-thousand dollars.

The income for the Soldier Water System was set at 126-thousand dollars, but the costs were estimated at 151-thousand dollars.

“There’s some things in there, labor and stuff, that’s way higher than it will be, unless we get major breaks and have to put extra work into it,” board chairman Robert Krajewski said.

In 2020, the township had to deal with a major water leak in the system.

“We put a lot of money into it,” said board secretary Mary Greeley. “We went by last’s years problems, but we hope we don’t have [those] problems. We should be okay.”

The next township meeting is set for January 4 at 6 p.m. It will include the annual reorganization and the auditor’s report.

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