Winslow Township solves water leak problem

The leaks in the water system have been found and fixed. So said the Winslow Township Supervisors at their regular meeting September 14.

The township has been searching for the leaks in the Soldier Water System for several months. Normally the water bill the township pays to the City of DuBois, the water supplier, averages between $1200 to $1500, but the bill in July was $8,778. As the township searched and repaired leaks, the bill dropped to $5,043 in August. This past month, the bill was $1759.

“We’ve checked the whole system, there’s no (major) leaks,” commented board chairman Robert Krajewski. “If there are, they’re small.” He added that work will be completed on a problem water line on Barletta Road to make sure.

Also at the meeting, the township announced that it has completed the summer road work. The total bill came to $194,083 for oil and stone.

Township resident Francis Rosana attended the meeting and asked the supervisors to replace a drainage pipe going under the end of his driveway. The supervisors said they’d do the work, but Rosana needed to pay for the cost of the pipe. He agreed and the work will be completed at a later date.

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