Bear Claw trying to solve noise problem

Angela Kniseley, co-owner of the Bear Claw Country Sports Bar with her husband, Shawn, attended the Winslow Township Supervisors meeting September 14 to ask if the township had a noise ordinance, and, if so, could the Inn get an exception.

She explained there was a noise complaint over the Labor Day weekend which forced the Bear Claw to shutdown the outdoor event that was going on.

The supervisors explained that the township does not have a noise ordinance, to which Kniseley commented, “We’ll try to keep it down.”

In an interview with Reynlow Community News. Kniseley said that due to the COVID-19 restrictions, the Bear Claw moved events outdoors. She and her husband offered this statement to their neighbors:

“Please be patient with us as we navigate through COVID-19 restrictions and mandated orders. We always want to do what’s right and be respectful to our neighbors. Thank you to everyone that support us through these trying times. We are currently looking to upgrade our outside dining and entertainment area to include soundproofing features to help control excessive noise.”

The Bear Claw Country Sports Bar is located along Route 322 west of Reynoldsville.

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