DAHS student tests positive for COVID-19

Rumors of a DuBois Area High School student testing positive for COVID-19 were confirmed to Reynlow Community News tonight. What follows is a statement from District Superintendent Wendy Benton:

  • Today, we were notified by the PA Department of Health that an individual in our school has recently tested positive for COVID-19.
  • Through the PA Department of Health contact tracing protocol, we have identified and the PA Department of Health has notified all families whose students have had close contact with the individual who tested positive, as well as all staff members who had close contact. 
  • The person who has tested positive for COVID-19 and anyone who had close contact with the individual will not return to the building for at least 14 days, unless they provide evidence of negative test results. School will resume on Monday for all other students and staff.
  • We have identified all areas of the building the student used over the past several days so that we can thoroughly clean and disinfect the spaces. We are also in contact with the PA Department of Health and will take any additional steps necessary to protect the health of our students and staff. 
  • We are prepared to address any positive cases in our school community using a clear protocol we developed before the school year began. 
  • We cannot share further details due to our need to protect confidentiality and comply with HIPAA requirements.

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