DASD board members recognized for their service to the district. A story by Glenn Schuckers.

The DuBois Area School Board held its regular monthly meeting on January 19, 2023, at the Administrative Center in DuBois. All members were present with member Dustin Dodd attending via phone. 

Before going into the agenda, Superintendent Wendy Benton recognized all the members for their service by presenting them with certificates. The longest serving member of the current board is president Larry Salone who has been a member of the board for nine years. The most recent is David Cuneo who was appointed earlier this month. 

The motion to grant tax exemption to The Fountains in the Developac Industrial Park was unanimously rejected with all nine members voting against the motion.

In other actions, the board approved a motion from Todd E. Beichner Auctioneer, Inc., for an auction to dispose of old furniture and equipment at a cost of $1,200 for advertising and a 15% commission or $500 peer auction. The board also approved a change order in the amount of $42,6439 for excavation and removal of soils at the Oklahoma Elementary School renovation project.

Following the agenda, Superintendent Benton presented a book that was written by the Juanita Elementary School Life Skills Class titled If I Were an Elf. Each student wrote one page describing what he or she would be if they were an elf, along with pictures that went with each story. All the board members agreed that the book was a real accomplishment and complemented the students and their teachers for their work. It will be added to a collection of student written books at the Administrative Center

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