DASD board to vote on new graduation date next week. Article by Glenn Schuckers.

One of the items on the agenda for the DuBois Area School Board work session dealt with a revised calendar for the current school year. The Board members present had no questions or comments regarding the date set for graduation, which will now be Friday, May 28 (rain day May 29). The final vote will be held next week.

Another item on the agenda proposed Board approval for a summer school session at the Middle School from July 6 through July 29. Superintendent Wendy Benton said the District customarily provides summer school school opportunities at both the Middle and High School for students to get remediation for credits they may have missed during the regular school year.  Summer school enrichment programs are also offered at the elementary level as well.

Benton also said the$10-million grant coming from the federal government remains an estimate and that the actual amount of the grant has yet to be determined. The administration, however,  is planning to use any additional funds to promote learning district wide and to invest in capital improvements such as HVAC systems that may need to be upgraded.

Mrs. Alisha Reesh Henry, Managing Director of PNC Bank Capital Markets, gave a virtual presentation regarding the funding possibilities at the Oklahoma Elementary School renovation and expansion project. The directors received much information regarding  the loans and bonds that will go toward that building. As a footnote, Henry said that the District will save a considerable sum of money over what it would have cost two years ago by borrowing the money now.

There were a number of Scouts present at the meeting from Troop 77, introduced by board member Dave Schwab. The scouts were there, he explained, as part of a merit badge project in Citizenship and Community which asks scouts to attend a public meeting of a government body.

Benton also reminded everyone that although the Covid -19 virus has been declining there are still cases in the area. She said everyone needs to be cautious and use preventative measures. That includes having parents and caregivers monitor children for symptoms and keeping anyone who has symptoms stay at home.

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