Helping to light up Reynoldsville at Christmas

When you drive through Reynoldsville, especially at night, you can’t miss the Arbanas house right with all the Christmas decorations beside the railroad tracks.

Robert Arbanas told that he usually starts in September getting everything out and testing it to make sure it works, but he doesn’t start putting it up until mid to late October.

Asked why he does it, he said, “I do it because Christmas in my house was always so special. My Mom and Dad always made it great, so [as] I grew older I realized there [were] kids out there with less fortunate upbringings, so I put up a light display in hopes [of bringing] smiles to everyone’s face, especially with how hectic this last year was.”

Arbanas said he’s been decorating this way for about 11 years. (Photos by Christy Marks.)

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