Is the Reynoldsville water and sewer system for sale?

Is the Reynoldsville water and sewer system up for sale? That was the question asked by Systems Manager Robert Crosby during his report on the water system at the Water and Sewer Authority meeting held on July 29.

Crosby said he has been asked by customers that question and he wanted to know the answer.

While Board President Barry Fillman said the board is not looking to sell, board member and Reynoldsville Borough Council President William Cebulskie said, “The borough is looking at that.” He added, “It’s been talked about before ..we’re just taking a look to see, financially, what the situation [is].”

Crosby said he was told the borough was being “courted by a water system as far as purchase.” Cebulskie responded, “I can’t say that. The borough is just taking considerations.”

Fillman offered an additional point of clarification when he stated, “Just so you realize this board has no authority [to sell].”

During the discussion, Crosby suggested that the matter be addressed at the next Reynoldsville Borough Council meeting.

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