Reynoldsville Borough Council holds work session

Reynoldsville Borough Council held a work session on a windy March 7 with a brief agenda on tap.

Council Vice President Kyle Gordon chaired the meeting with Council President William Cebulskie absent.

The only item on the agenda was the camera system. That item was tabled at the February meeting due to questions about the policy governing the police department system.

Council member Max Smith said the policy was still being worked on since there are camera systems at the borough park and the borough garage that should be included.

Borough Police Sergeant Tammy Murray said there would have to be differences in the policy between the systems due to “confidential information the public can’t have access to” on the police cameras.

After some discussion, the council voted to pay the bill for the installation of the cameras in the borough building by MillerTech of Reynoldsville. That bill totaled $875.00.

No Citizen of the Month was named at this meeting, but the council is schedule to meet again on March 16.

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