Reynoldsville borough police station problem, Jeff Tech solution

After months of wrangling, arguments, and investigations, the Reynoldsville Borough Council may have found a solution for the problem with the police station—the building trades shop at Jeff Tech.

Reynoldsville Mayor Peach Caltagarone and Council member Ralph “Tucker” August reported to council that Jeff tech students and staff have offered to redo the old police station located at the back of the first floor for just the cost of materials.

No firm cost was set, but August said he believed the materials would come to about $4,000. The council voted to allot the insurance settlement for damage to the police garage of about $7,000 for the project.

“Whatever they can do, they will do it for us,” August said.

The police station right now is on the second floor and does not have handicapped access. The station will be moved to the first floor of the borough building once renovations are complete. A camera will be added to the holding cell on the first floor.


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