Reynoldsville Code Enforcement Office files monthly report

Reynoldsville Code Enforcement Officer Nichole Walk presented her report to the borough council at its July 26 meeting. The time period covers June 16 to July 20.

From parking tickets to burn permits and other sources of income, Walk took in a total $1503 during that period. Other items in the report include the removal of five junk cars, a riding lawn mower, and a refrigerator. A dangerous tree was removed along West Main Street, and another was removed from the Seventh and Jackson Street area. An apple tree was trimmed on Tenth Street and Broadway and a another tree that was growing onto a neighbor’s garage on Gordon Alley was removed.

One ticket was issued for garbage stacked on the porch on Grant Street and another for someone throwing residential waste in the borough dumpster on Fourth Street.

Twenty letters were handed out concerning blocking the sidewalk on East Main Street. Officer Walk also reported numerous complaints from residents in the borough about feral cats.

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