Reynoldsville Code Enforcement Officer Nichole Walk files her report

One of the trapped birds was banded.

Borough Code Enforcement Officer Nichole Walk presented her report to borough council at the October 20 regular meeting. The report covers the time period of August 17 though October 20.

The report shows two properties on Phillips Street that had significant clean ups removing scrap, junk, and debris. Other properties on Jackson Street and East Main Street were also cleaned.

A number of items were removed from properties around the borough, including nine mattresses and box springs, seven couches, three broken exterior doors, and a refrigerator.

With the help of Gray Walk, lines were painted on crosswalks and parking spaces.

What was described as a “huge in ground hornet nest” near a bus stop at 301 Ohio Street was destroyed the hole back filled.

Walk reported that Rich Brocious continued his work of trapping pigeons on Main Street. As of October 20, he had trapped 45 pigeons.

The office brought in $568 in reimbursements, fines, and tickets.

The code enforcement office has been moved to the old ambulance garage behind the borough building. For assistance, residents can ring the doorbell next to the office door. The number to call is 814.612.2323.

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