Reynoldsville Council adopts declaration of disaster emergency

In closed meeting with only media present, the Reynoldsville Borough Council adopted a Declaration of Disaster Emergency in wake of the COVID-19 crises.

The declaration was suggested by the Jefferson County Commissioners so that if the borough can qualify for disaster relief if it becomes necessary. All municipalities in the county are being encouraged to adopt the measure.

“They (the Commissioners) also want [us] to remain vigilant and focused on the situation,” council president Bill Cebulskie said. He then read a list of suggestions that follow the CDC guidelines concerning the virus.

In other action, council member John Burkett shared a list he compiled of projects that the borough would like to complete if the grant monies are available. (See the list, click on the link below.)

“These are ideas we’re going to put out there,” he said. “I will submit that to all state representatives and [Congressman] Glenn Thompson.” He said the hope is that when funding for projects like this becomes available, the state and federal representatives will contact the borough and let them know to apply.

One problem that could hold up funding is the fact that the Borough of Reynoldsville is not zoned. To that end, borough solicitor Joe Ryan is reviewing information about zoning two blocks of the downtown as commercial and the rest of the borough as mixed. He will review what needs to be done and then report back to council at its April meeting.

Council also discussed a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) application, which is due in June. Council plans to propose a joint project with the Reynoldsville Water Authority. Council member Darren Scolese mentioned problems with a storm sewer on Swamp Alley and that it would be a good project to work on together.

Under old business, council learned that the police station remodeling has been put on hold while Jeff Tech is closed due to COVID-19. Students at Jeff Tech were going to help with the project.

Council reviewed a request to post a “no parking here to corner” sign from Brown Street south to the intersection of Brown and West Main Street (Route 322). Mayor Peach Caltagarone said the police department is aware of the problem and has ticketed the individual in the past and will continue to do so. Council discussed possibly towing the vehicle from the area at the owner’s expense if parking there continues.

Council announced there are now two recycling containers for plastics located at the maintenance building drop off point. It also postponed the next work session from Wednesday, March 25, to Wednesday, April 1, at 6 p.m. at the borough building.


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