Reynoldsville Council approves a new garbage collection contract

A garbage contract is now in place starting next year following action by the Reynoldsville Borough Council at its November 16 regular session.

Arc Disposal of Reynoldsville was awarded the contract. It was awarded the contract once before, but Ed Yahner of Waste Management, the current provider, questioned the council about how the contract was bid. At a subsequent meeting, the council rescinded that motion and put the contract out for bid. 

Prior to the vote, Council member Ralph August addressed council and said he felt the proper process was not followed with the contract..

“We [the council} didn’t discuss it,” he said. 

“We took an existing contract and put specs together and said ‘let’s bid on this,’” Councilmember Max Smith countered.

When the vote on the contract came, it was approved with August casting the lone dissenting vote.

Arc Disposal owner Bob Beck, who told Reynlow Community News that he’s been in the garbage collection business for more than 30 years,  said he was pleased with the vote.

“I definitely think we can help the town out,” he said.

During the public forum prior to the regular agenda, Zane Clinger of Clinger Metals expressed his concern about a section of the contract that stated the company getting the contract had the exclusive rights for all “waste and recycling services for all residential and commercial properties” in the borough. As a scrap metal collector, Clinger was concerned he might not be able to collect scrap metal if the new contractor collected it.

After a lengthy discussion, it was theorized that since Clinger was paying for the scrap metal, it was a commodity and not waste, therefore it was not covered by the exclusivity of the contract, but the issue may have to be brought before a judge if there was ever a problem. 

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