Reynoldsville council welcomes new members, acts on 2020 budget

The Reynoldsville Borough Council was, at one time, two members short. After the latest meeting on November 6, that problem has been resolved.

Darren Scolese receives the oath of office.

The council voted unanimously to approve a resolution to appoint Darren Scolese to fulfill the two-year term of former council president TJ Sliwinski effective immediately. He was sworn in by Mayor Peach Caltagarone in a nearby hallway and then took his seat on council.

Scolese has been the Reynoldsville Borough Fire Chief for the past twelve years.

The council held a moment of silence for council member marry Jane Clark who passed away last month. It later appointed John Burkett to finish out her term until the end of the year.

Burkett was the leading vote getter for borough council, so he will begin his own term in 2020. He, too, was sworn in by Mayor Caltagarone and took his seat, and for the first time in months, the council was at full strength with all members present.

When it came to reorganization of council for the rest of the year, Robert Crosby, who was chairing the meeting and whose term expires at the end of the year, declined to be named president, as did several other council members. Councilman August, who recently (unofficially) won reelection, took that position. Cebulskie was named vice president.

John Burkett receives the oath of office.

Election results have yet to be certified. Once they are, the new council members will take their seats in January 2020, and the council will once again have to reorganize.


Once at full strength, the council acted on the 2020 budget by approving a motion to advertise it for 30 days.

The $880,670 package includes a 1 mill real estate tax increase, which averages out to about an additional $30 per homeowner. Some may pay more, others less. Borough Secretary Jacqueline Dixon said homeowners who are interested in finding out the exact amount can call her at 653-2110. The last time the real estate taxes were raised was 2015.

Occupational and Per Capita Taxes will go up by 10%, which is about a $12 increase for those earning more than $4000 and a $2.10 increase for those earning less than $4000 a year. The last time these taxes were raised was 2005.

The delinquent tax fee will increase from the current $60 to $100. This is the first increase since 2010.

The council plans to take final action on the budget at its December 18 meeting.

Other actions

In his report, Police Chief Troy Bell reported that borough is having problems with residents raking leaves onto the roadway. The leaves need to be bagged first and placed by the curb. Bags are available at the borough office on Main Street.

Code Enforcement Officer Larry Kirkwood said that he has finished sending out the required notifications to the owners of vacant properties in the borough. In all, 45 letters were sent out.

Council also approved locating as an emergency vehicle parking sign in front of the St. Mary’s Catholic Church on Main Street paid for by the church.

The council held an executive session on a legal matter for about 45 minutes after beginning the meeting and then again for a time after the meeting. No other information was released.

The next council meeting was set for November 20 at 6 p.m. at the borough building.


Note: Corrected 11/7/2019. Cebulskie not Scolese named vice chair.


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