Reynoldsville woman charged

Reynoldsville Borough Police have filed charges against a borough woman in connection with an incident that occurred on January 16.

Nicole Lynn Jacobson, 41, of 19 South Third Street was charged with resisting arrest, possession of a controlled substance, and possession with intent to use drug paraphernalia.

Borough Police Chief Troy Bell reports he was called by Jefferson County Probation Officer Steph Giles for assistance at the South Third Street location. Upon arrival, Chief Bell saw Giles and Probation Officer Erica Burkett were detaining Jacobson on the ground. Chief Bell was informed that Jacobson was attempting to remove something from her shirt pocket. Initially the officers were able to cuff her hands in front of her body, but then attempted to put them behind her back to stop her from reaching for the item in her shirt pocket.  After continuing to struggle, Jacobson grabbed a small purse or bag with her teeth and tossed it on the ground beside her. Once the bag was on the ground, she stopped struggling and stated, “That’s all I wanted to do, was get rid of that.”

She was then secured with her hands behind her back and placed in the probation officers’ SUV.

A subsequent search of the bag revealed it contained three needles, a small clear baggie of suspected marijuana, a small clear baggie of suspected methamphetamine, a broken silver spoon, and a lighter.

Charges were filed with District Magistrate David Inzana’s office in Reynoldsville.

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