The Jeff Tech Operating Committee gets budget approval, plans for outdoor prom and graduation

The Jeff Tech Operating Committee met on April 26 and quickly went through its agenda.

School Administrative Director Dr. Barry Fillman announced that the four sending districts have approved Jeff Tech’s 2021-2022 budget which totals $9.6-million, a 2.45% increase over last year. The increase was primarily due to grants to the practical nursing program. The budget for the four sending school districts totals $5.9-million, a 2.33% decrease over last year.

In other action, the committee approved a request to enter into a rental agreement for the delivery and installation of a tent and chairs for the upcoming prom scheduled for May 22. School Principal Melissa Mowrey said that plans are to have a catered dinner in the parking lot followed by dancing under the tent.

“They’re going to do everything like they normally do, it’s just we’re going to have it outside so it’s safe,” she said.

Mowrey said she’s hoping it doesn’t rain, but if it does the students will eat in the cafeteria and then have the dance under the tent. She added that school faculty and staff will be decorating for the prom this year and that tickets have already gone on sale.

Graduation this year will also be outside, Mowrey said. Plans are to set up a stage in front of the school, with the students seated in the driveway and family and friends in the grassy area behind the students.

Graduation will be held June 8, which is also the last student day at Jeff Tech.

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