Winslow Township and other municipalities to pay for state police protection under the Governor’s proposal

How much will Governor Wolf’s proposed fees for state police protection cost local municipalities? According to one database, a lot.

The Governor made the idea a part of his 2019 budget proposal. According to Wallace McKelvey of PennLive.Com, the program includes a sliding scale that would charge municipalities based on population. A municipality with less than 2,000 residents would be charged $8 dollars a person while a municipality of more than 20,000 would be charged $166 per person.

McKelvey included a database that calculated how much each municipality would pay. According to that database, Winslow Township, with a population of 2,590, would be charged $17 a person. That comes to $44,030. Falls Creek Borough, with a population of 977, would pay $7,816. Reynoldsville and Sykesville Boroughs have their own police forces and are not listed on the database.

To read the article and use the database, click here.

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