Mark August announces candidacy for Mayor of Reynoldsville

Mark August has been a part of the Reynoldsville community for his entire life. In any situation, the more time you devote to something, the greater the passion you feel for it, and that holds true for Mark August when it comes to Reynoldsville. He wants what is best for the town that he has known for so long and that is so special to him. At a very young age, he began finding ways to contribute to the well-being of the town. From attending the local high school (Jeff Tech) and volunteering at the Reynoldsville Fire Department, to giving full effort to his career at Niagara Cutter and to running the town’s soccer league, Mark is always expending his time and effort to benefit his hometown. It is incredible all that Mark accomplishes while being a great father and husband. 

Mark attended Jeff Tech during his high school years to specialize in building trades. He was so comfortable and happy in his town that he never questioned choosing Jeff Tech over the local high school. That decision led to a long-term career at Niagara Cutter, the local machining company. For 32 years, Mark has worked at this company, and he has helped to maintain success for a major business in town. In a small town like this, he knows the importance of keeping businesses open and revenue flowing. 

Simply getting an education and maintaining a career was not enough for Mark. At age 14, he decided to train to become a local junior Firefighter. After 38 years, he still remains a member of the fire company. As a volunteer, he spent his free time assisting those who were unexpectedly in dire need of help. Volunteer firemen do a lot of work for little credit, but Mark understands the importance of the job. 

Along with volunteering his time to the Fire Company, Mark has dedicated a great deal of time to the Reynoldsville Soccer Association. He began as a coach 20 years ago, and a few years in, he became the Vice President of the league while coaching simultaneously. Fast forward to 2021, and he is entering his tenth year as the President of the Reynoldsville Soccer Association. Mark has always gone above and beyond to ensure that every single child was put first in order to have the best experience possible. Keeping the program alive is no easy task, but for Mark, it is a priority. The sport keeps kids active while teaching teamwork, sportsmanship, and perseverance, all of which are things that Mark wants to ensure this program, along with other local team sports, can continue to provide. 

There are an abundance of goals that Mark August has for Reynoldsville. Cleaning up the town is of huge importance to Mark, and he intends to upgrade the park and condemn and tear down unsafe houses. This town holds a lot of history, beauty, and success, and Mark wants those qualities to be enhanced and showcased. Reynoldsville has also been through a lot of positive changes, such as the opening of new businesses, which complements the town’s history. He would love to see more businesses thrive in this town. 

Despite Reynoldsville’s size, it holds quite a few large events. The Christmas parade, the Halloween parade, and The Red White and Blueberry Festival are a few, but Mark believes it can do better. He would like to make improvements to the previously listed events, and also attempt to bring back the Reynoldsville Homecoming event. The week of Homecoming was a town favorite for many years, and Mark loves giving the residents good, safe, and fun events to attend. 

In order to keep everyone safe at all of these local events, Mark believes that we need to maintain the local police force. He wants to improve the safety of this town, and to do so, he will fight to make sure that Reynoldsville has the necessary police protection at all times.

Mark August is here to make a positive impact on this town. He has spent a lifetime developing ideas and identifying improvements, and he is ready to take action. Help Mark make Reynoldsville a better place by electing him Mayor. As Mayor, he will be able to more efficiently and successfully make a difference, and the residents and the community will be better off as a result.


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