Reynoldsville Water and Sewer Authority meets, learns Bradford Street water line project to start next week

The Reynoldsville Water and Sewer Authority met in regular session on April 28 and learned the Bradford Street water line project should begin the week of May 2.

While the work progresses, customers on the 900 block of Worth Street and Bradford Street customers from Jackson Street to the Sandy Lick Creek may experience intermittent water interruptions.

In his report, Systems Manager Robert Crosby said there were two water leaks in the past month, one on the 300 block of Hill Street and the other on the 400 block of Grant Street.

Crosby also said that the authority is schedule to get ground penetrating radar (GPR) equipment the week of May 2 to help locate the Bradford Street water lines as well as a valve on West Main Street and a transmission line on the Hewitt property on Fifth Street. The Hewitt’s spoke to the board prior to the report asking for guidance on the line, which is located in an area where they would like to build a garage. It is hoped the GPR will be able to find the exact location of the line in relation to the planned garage.

Chlorinators at the authority’s water plant, which are 30 years old, need to be replaced, Crosby said. He requested the authority purchase a pre-chlorinator at a cost of $2352, stating that is was needed immediately. The board approved a motion to purchase the equipment.

Also at the meeting the board learned that customers who haven’t paid their water bill will be given 24-hours notice on May 2 that their water will be shut off unless the current (corrected from original article) bill is paid in full plus 10% of their past due bill (corrected). It was reported that 20 residents could be affected by the shut offs. (For the complete story on this, click here.)

The board also approved a motion to donate a meter pit and associated items totaling $848.20 to the Reynoldsville Veterans Memorial Park Committee to help offset the costs of getting water at the park.

Sewer Authority

In the Sewer Authority meeting that followed the Water Authority, the board reviewed a motion that called for raising the sewer rates by .55 cents for every account to make the rates reflect what had been approved in 2019.

It was explained that in 2019, the Sewer Authority approved a motion to raise the rates from $28.55 to $30.55. However, a computer error set the rate at $30.00 instead of $30.55, which is what the rate is here in 2022.

Board Chairman Barry Fillman said he didn’t feel comfortable raising the rates by .55 cents without the necessary budget information to know for sure what the rates should be. After some additional discussion, it was decided to reject this motion and approve a motion to keep the rate where it is until more information is available.

In his report, Systems Manager Robert Crosby said that the sludge press is still out of service at the sewage treatment plant and his crew is working on the problem. He said he should know within ten days if they are able to repair it.

In the meantime, he asked the board to approve a request to have one company to come in an clean scum chambers and another motion to have another company come in an do sludge dewatering if necessary.

The board approved the request for the pipe cleaning, but asked for a rate before approving the dewatering company.

Manager Crosby also informed the board that both pumps at the Fifth Street Lift Station have been replaced.

The next Water and Sewer Authority meeting is schedule for May 26.

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