Pool cleaning brings hope

The Reynoldsville Volunteer Fire Department responded to an unusual call on April 25—clean out the Reynoldsville Pool.

The firefighters responded to the annual event as preparations are being made to open the pool in a few weeks.  Maybe.

Pool directors Jill Heffner and Denise Dennison said they¬† would like to open the pool to the public Memorial Day weekend, May 24, to be exact, but it’s really up to the state.

Heffner said she’s been in touch with the Pennsylvania Department of Health and is waiting for a response on how the Governor plans to reopen public places such as the Reynoldsville Pool.

So as the waiting game continues, the pool staff plans to prepare for opening day whenever that might be. But watching the staff and the volunteer firefighters working hard to make things ready brings the hope we all need at this time.


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