A positive COVID-19 case has been reported in the 15851 postal code in Jefferson County

Recently, reynlownews.com posted an article explaining how to get COVID-19 case counts using an area’s postal code. A check of that information today has revealed a case in the 15851 zip code, which includes Reynoldsville and the surrounding area.

The number of Jefferson County cases went from three to four this week. When checking the 15851 postal code, the pop up reads”Positive: Redacted(1-4 cases).”  The site explains that the postal codes with “case counts smaller than 5 have been redacted for patient privacy.” The pop-up window also shows 31 negative tests so far in the 15851 zip code.

By comparison, DuBois, within the 15801 postal code, shows the same message, “Redacted (1-4 cases)” with 107 negative tests.

The Governor plans to begin the gradual reopening of some areas of the state on May 8, including this area, if the case number meets a certain criteria. More on that story can be found here.


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