Reynoldsville Code Enforcement Office files report

Reynoldsville Code Enforcement Officer Nichole Walk presented her report for the first half of June at the borough council meeting on June 15.

The report states that two couches were removed during that time along with a hot water tank, two washers, a freezer, three dryers, an air conditioner, and other scrap.

A tree was cut down on Grant Street because it was scratching ATA buses as they went through the area. One vacant house on East Main Street was torn down.

Walk said she was in touch with the insurance company for an update on the status of the Shuttleworth building at 703 East Main Street. The roof collapsed at a portion of that building along an alley in the back during the winter. At the time of the council meeting there was no status update.

The office also completed $30.00 worth of burning permits and issued one garbage ticket and 17 parking tickets that totaled $126.00. Walk also received $400.00 worth of vacancy permits, and $100.00 in reimbursements for lawn service bringing in a total of $656.00 into the borough.

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