Reynoldsville code enforcement report for May released

Reynoldsville Code Enforcement Officer Nichole Walk presented her monthly report for May at the borough council meeting on June 1.

The lengthy list included the removal of 12 junk cars, an RV, a motorcycle, and various pieces of furniture, appliances along with two bathroom sinks, and a tub.

Walk sent out 46 violation letters, issued three burn permits, 29 parking tickets, and two vacancy permits. She also enforced the Quality of Life Ordinance concerning vehicles, grass, rubbish, and other items.

With fines and permit fees her office took in $485 for the borough in May.

The report also includes a paragraph noting the MedReturn Drug Box has been relocated to the code enforcement office. The box is for use by borough residents to dispose of unused drugs in a safe, secured manner.

Dumpster problems

During the council meeting, Walk, who is also a member of council, expressed her concern over the misuse of the roll-off dumpster located at the maintenance building. There have been incidents where people have been dumping regular trash and other not-permitted items into the dumpster.

The decision was made to move the dumpster inside the fenced-in area behind the maintenance shed and limit the times items can be dropped off. The use of cameras in the area will continue. Walk has used those cameras to identify violators and issue a warning or a ticket.

Collapsed roof

Walk presented a letter on the efforts to take care of a collapsed roof on a building located along Swamp Alley behind the Broken Roads Restaurant on Main Street.

Walk said she has spoken with the building owner, Jack Shuttleworth of Reynoldsville, the contractor and the insurance company. She was informed by the insurance company that the last estimate was being reviewed and should be resolved in the coming days.

There was no word in the letter on when work would begin to repair the building.


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