Reynoldsville One Stop owner plans to rebuild

After the One Stop convenience store fire on January¬† 22, some questions were lingering about the future of the store. Owner Jim Brown has only one idea in mind–rebuild.

“I just met with the insurance company and they promised they would work as quick as they could, ” he said in a recent phone interview.

Brown said complete damage estimates are not yet available. Even so, he’s already thinking about the future.

“I’ve already drawn three drawings,” he commented. “I’m not sure what is feasible and I’ll need to talk to my insurance company.”

Brown said he would like to expand the building if possible and “add some things.” He hopes Reynoldsville Borough will work with him to do that.

On a normal day, the store would have 3-4 workers at a time. Brown said his insurance company will cover his employees’ salaries for a period of time.


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